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GOV Service Station Closure

(UPDATE: Reopening Oct 14th)

Bldg 7201, located on the corner of 12th St and Fairchild JBER-E. IMPACT: This facility is the only facility on JBER-E NOT located on the flightline that issues MOGAS and Diesel to government vehicles (GOV's). This will impact users who do not have flightline access. The only other facility not on the flightline is located on JBER-R Bldg 988 Otter Lake Road. WORK AROUND: Individuals who have flightline access can use any of the facilities to fill up their GOV's; Farm 3 Bldg 11567 Located by air traffic control tower. Issues MOGAS and Diesel 90th AGE Bldg 16710 Issues Diesel and JP-8 MAC AGE Bldg 14416 Issues Diesel and JP-8 Ft Rich Bldg 988 Issues MOGAS, Diesel and JP-8. We have 2 mobile trucks we can issue MOGAS and Diesel with but will be limited to emergency situations only. If users feel their situation is an emergency, they may contact the Fuels Service Center at 552-5180 and the on duty controller will make the determination.

October CAC Slides



Slides for October 13, 2016

Arctic Warrior traffic light awareness

Please pay attention to the stoplights on Arctic Warrior Drive at the south end of the runway.
The lights turn red no earlier than five minutes before the aircraft's estimated departure time, be patient and safe.
This procedure is to prevent the possibility of vehicles and pedestrians being struck by debris due to jet blast. 
Security Forces personnel will enforce adherence to this traffic light and violators may be issued a citation.
Stop light on Arctic Warrior

Pokémon GO

Arctic Warriors,

Some members of our community have been using an iPhone and Android game app that uses a cell phone’s camera and GPS system to allow a person to “catch” virtual Pokémon while interacting with their surrounding areas.

Stating with the understanding that military personnel aren't playing this game while on duty, whether a person plays this game or something similar, the JBER community needs to be aware that the basic rules for operating on a military base and various laws and property protections off base are still in place. Security and safety awareness should also be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Some examples of things to be vigilant of are as follows:

Since the game has the option of using mobile device cameras for viewing and taking pictures of Pokémon, one must ensure they refrain from entering any restricted areas or taking pictures of items, areas, or operations that are not authorized to be photographed or documented. Also, do not go into restricted areas without proper credentials and an official need to access. Hands-free-device rules still apply and do not drive while distracted. Personnel should also use the proper suspicious activity reporting procedures if they see anything out of the ordinary, such as a gathering of people outside their building or unauthorized people trying to gain access into their area. Personnel should also take care when operating off base to respect private property and be aware of the safety concerns with either traffic or wildlife that may be the result of reduced situational awareness due to a focus on a mobile device.

In addition to physical security, we must also remember cyber security. The game developer, Niantec, has recently acknowledged a coding error that enables full access to Google accounts that are used for signing into the game. While a fix is being developed, users should be aware that this error gives Niantic access to read, modify, or edit a person’s data and any email stored with Google. JBER Cyber Security officials recommend users to refrain from using Google accounts to access Pokémon Go until the issue is resolved.

Malware makers have also started developing and distributing infected versions of Pokémon Go for Android mobile devices. Only download apps from authorized distributors and remember not to use your personal mobile device or private email to conduct official business or store government data.

Along with security concerns, the JBER community needs to continue to practice proper safety measures. As with all outings, personnel need to remain aware of their surroundings and do not walk into traffic or other dangerous areas. Also, be on the look-out for any dangers that may be present in unfamiliar areas.
 It's your move

PCS season is coming- View the FAQs

It's Your Move - Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska Marine Highway System Travel Notice
Policies regarding use of the Alaska Marine Highway System for official PCS travel have changed.

1. Military members are waived from paying for tickets on the AMHS at the time of booking for official PCS travel only. For all non-official personal travel, members must pay for the AMHS tickets at the time they make their reservations.

2. To secure reservations for PCS related travel, members must call the AMHS Juneau Reservations Central Office at 1-800-642-0066.

3. AMHS will hold the reservation until 60 days prior to the scheduled travel. By this point, members must pay for the tickets or make other arrangements with AHMS or the reservation will be cancelled.

4. When making reservations military members will be required to provide name and phone number of their First Sergeant, Company Commander, Executive Officer, or other senior leader who can verify their military status and pending PCS assignment.

5. Should military members choose to utilize SATO to obtain travel
arrangements after receiving PCS orders they must provide SATO their unpaid AMHS itinerary number to avoid duplicative reservations.

For any questions please contact our JBER Travel Centers at:

(JBER-E) 552-1793, 552-1797 or (JBER-R) 384-1813, 384-1814.

Review the following link for more information.

Alaska Marine Highway System
How to report potholes on JBER:
View the Flyer
Arctic Warriors,

As we head into the winter months, I would like to re-emphasize the importance of signing up or updating your JBER AtHoc account.

AtHoc is a networked crisis communication platform that enables us to provide emergency and pertinent installation information through numerous devices.

Base personnel can update their information by using the AtHoc Interactive Warning System-Alerts self service module; right click on the purple globe icon at bottom of the screen and select "Access Self Service" and update accordingly.

For the daily user, with the exception of the desktop alerts, users will only be notified on their personal phone lines for actual emergency situations such as, but not limited to, severe weather events, evacuation
orders, specialized recalls and alerts.

Please see attached for more information and how-to guide. If you are experiencing issues or have any questions, then call 552-3000.

AtHoc Instructions
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