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Vet Clinic

The vet clinic, building 47815 Davis Hwy. (Rich side), has openings for your dogs and cats-- next day appointments are frequently available.

They're open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the work week, except Thursdays. Pets need to be registered with the clinic first, so make sure to stop by.
The vet clinic is open to active duty and Guard/Reserve on active orders.


Many people in Alaska enjoy fishing but there are some that enjoy phishing Alaskans.  What am I talking about?  Phishing - as in fishing for confidential information - refers to a scam that encompasses fraudulently obtaining and using an individual's personal or financial information.  There are three general types of phishing:

Phishing - is an e-mail that targets the general public.  These e-mails often direct a user to respond with personal information or directs them to a fraudulent website that collects the information. 

Spear Phishing - a phishing e-mail that targets a specific group.  For example, a phishing e-mail sent to military members directing individuals to verify their personal information on a fake Veteran's Administration website.

Whaling - a phishing e-mail that targets high profile persons or those who are able to exert great influence over an organization.

How can you tell if an e-mail is phishing attempt?  Some attempts are very cleverly disguised; however, there a few things you can watch for: 

Spelling and bad grammar - Cybercriminals are not known for their grammar and spelling.  Professional companies or organizations usually have a staff of copy editors that will not allow a mass email like this to go out to its users.  If you notice mistakes in an email, it might be a scam.

Beware of links in email -  If you see a link in a suspicious email message, don't click on it. Rest your mouse (but don't click) on the link to see if the address matches the link that was typed in the message.   Links might also lead you to .exe files.  These kinds of file are known to spread malicious software.

Threats - Have you ever received a threat that your account would be closed if you didn't respond to an email message?  Cybercriminals often use threats that your security has been compromised.

Spoofing popular websites or companies - Scam artists use graphics in email that appear to be connected to legitimate websites but actually take you to phony scam sites or legitimate-looking pop-up windows.  Cybercriminals also use web addresses that resemble the names of well-known companies but are slightly altered.

How real is the threat?  In 2009, more than 630,000 complaints of fraud were filed with the Federal Trade Commission totaling more than $1.7 billion dollars.  Recent news headlines highlight phishing attacks against iCloud and Google Docs users, Verizon customers, and University of Nebraska e-mail accounts.  Recently, a group calling itself the "Electronic Army of ISIS" posted a video tutorial on how to create a PayPal phishing attack.

As Airmen, phishing attacks pose an additional threat.  While most phishing attacks target individual's finances.  Spear phishing can direct members to disclose operational information, thus posing an OPSEC risk.  For example, a phishing e-mail may direct you to a fake CENTCOM website and instruct you to input upcoming deployment information. 

Phishing is a real threat, both at home and at work.  Stay vigilant and if something seems "phishy" don't trust it.  If the e-mail is from someone (person or company) you know, call or send a separate e-mail to verify the one you received is legitimate.  At home, you can simply delete the e-mail or report it to a company's fraud center.  At work, delete the e-mail and report the incident to your unit Information Assurance Officer.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your local Communications Squadron professional.

Keeping Your System Up to Date

Authors:  SSgt Natasha Biquet & SrA Patrick Frick

Keeping your system up to date with the latest security patches is vital to combating cyber threats, and ensuring your system works at the highest levels. Each system fresh out of the box comes with security holes and weakness. Adversaries look for those weaknesses to exploit or attack our systems.  These security patches act much like patches on fabric: they cover up any holes, or add an extra layer of security over weaknesses.  At work, the Air Force takes most of the burden off the user in keeping their machines up to date by regularly publishing security updates and new applications.  These updates are pushed out to the systems connected to the network during maintenance windows. However, it is possible for machines that are not turned on, or restarted at least once a week, to fall behind on their security updates. Please ensure you are taking proper precautions to make sure your machine doesn't fall behind.

The same rules apply to your home computers too. In order to secure your PII and other sensitive materials at home, keep your home system up to date. Make periodic visits to vendor's website to check for updates or new software versions; if you run an application, and it says it needs to be updated, verify the updates are needed by checking the vendor's website before applying patches to your system. Be wary though of "patching spams" through email; only download patches from the vendor website; adversaries have been known to attach malicious software and malware to emails.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your local
Communications Squadron professional.

End of Motorcycle Season

Effective immediately motorcycle riding season has ended due to the current fluctuating inclement weather road conditions on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. The motorcycle season is over until such time as it is deemed safe for our riders.

Questions can be addressed to Wing Safety, 552-6850.

Limited customer service hours during exercsie expected

Due to Polar Force 14-8 exercise, Oct. 27 to Nov. 7, various services throughout the installation may be affected with sudden closures or delays. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

The 673 Force Support Squadron, Military Personnel Section located in the People Center will have limited hours. The Military Personnel Section will be "Appointments Only."  Customers are encouraged to make appointments for this time frame.  Although walk-ins will not be automatically turned away, wait times may be extensive for customers who do not make an appointment.

Appointments for CAC cards/ID cards can be made at  Appointments for other personnel services or questions can be directed to Mr. Mike Pharo (552-4937,

CAC/ID Card customers are also encouraged to utilize one of the other DEERS/ID locations listed below during this time frame:

176TH Wing Alaska ANG Anchorage
17441 Airlifter Dr.
JBER, AK 99506
Phone: 907-551-7646
AG HQ Alaska
Building 49000, RM C-118 Army Guard Rd.
JBER, AK (Fort Richardson) 99505
Phone: 907-428-6792/907-428-6067
Hours of Operation: 0800-1200 1300-1600 M-F
JBER - Richardson
Richardson Dr. Bldg. 600 2nd floor, Rm B235 JBER, AK (Richardson) 99505
Phone: 907-384-2956/907-384-0332
Hours of Operation: 0800-1200 1300-1600 M-F
Appointment: Walk-ins
9443 Mundy Ave Rm #218
JBER, AK (Elmendorf) 99506
Phone: 907-551-4741
Appointment: By Online Appointments

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please continue to check for additional updates on both and

Community Events around JBER

Unified Sports Night 


Veterans and Military Spouses Job Fair


PACAF EBOLA Message EBOLA VIRUS - PACAF Information for Airmen and their Families

Ebola HF Information Syndicated Content - CDC
JBER Community Action Council - October Slides

Tricare Nurse Advice Line - Effective 1 October - flyer
Blood Bank of Alaska O-Negative shortage

The Blood Bank of Alaska (BBA) is the sole blood supplier for the entire state.  There is currently a local and state-wide, critical shortage of O Negative blood, and BBA is in dire need of donors.  If you are willing and able, please donate blood today or this weekend.  Also, please let BBA know that you are from JBER because the facility earns credits for all JBER military and civilian (including employees and dependents) donations.

Location:    Blood Bank of Alaska
                      4000 Laurel Street
                      Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Hours of operation:  M-F 0800-1800, Sat 0900-1700.

Walk-ins are available, however it is better to schedule an appointment by calling (907) 222-5630.

Again, this request is specifically for group O Negative blood donors.  Thank you very much for supporting this urgent request.

Notice - Overseas COLA levels to drop

Earthquake icon

Are you prepared for the next EARTHQUAKE?

Read the FEMA Earthquake Safety Checklist and be prepared.


JBADD Seeks Female Volunteers

How to volunteer

 JBER Commander's Guidance Memorandum to AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance

The installation commander has signed a guidance memorandum outlining cold weather uniform wear and options from 15 Sep 14 to 30 Apr 15. This is essentially the same guidance from last winter. Visit the link above to read the memo and ensure you comply with the standards.


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